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GFriend Stole Malaysian’s Heart With Their “Go Go Gfriend!” First Tour

The famous k-pop girls group, GFriend stole Malaysian’s hearts with their first ever visit in Stadium Malawati Shah Alam, the first “Go Go Gfriend” tour has changed the stadium into bubbly cheerful performances on 29th June 2019. 

Debut in 2015, the girls group consist of six members; Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, SinB, Yuju, and Umji were famous for their trademarks of bubbly pop songs and charming dancing moves. 

 Making their entrance powerful and memorable, the bubbly girls group delivers “Me Gustas Tu” (originally debut in Japanese version) as their opening song that night, dressed in a colorful blazered their performance gained a loud cheerful noise from the audiences.

Even though, this was their first ever visit, the members definitely show their love and support to Malaysia as they changed their lyrics in Me Gustas Tu’s song from Jowaheyo to “saya suka kamu”in Malay. They also greeted the audience with catchy Malay phrases like “Selamat petang, kami GFriend!” and “baby sayang”. 

A short clip of VCR  with an introduction of “What if GFriend debuted as 3?” consists of mini drama displayed each members cute and charming personalities that makes everyone gushed on their level of cuteness and playful acting. 

They also delivered their famous hit songs like Navillera, One Half, Rough, Finger Tip, Time For The Moon Night and their newly released single Sunshine. 

Their cute playful performance, then turn into a sexy and sultry performance through  “Only 1” and “LUV”. The versatile girl group erupted the whole stadium into an energetic, powerful vibe. 

As the night ended, they perform their farewell song of the night, Compas, the performance erupted the stadium into a  cheerful fantastic unforgettable night.

The concert was organized by Macpiepro.



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