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Giving More on 8tv’s 15th Anniversary with CNY So Happy’s CSR Initiative

In conjunction with this year’s Chinese New Year campaign, “CNY So Happy”, 8TV uses this opportunity to celebrate the channel’s 15th anniversary by executing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, which includes the participation of various celebrities at two chosen charity homes.

Yesterday, the CSR initiative was being held at En Yuan Old Folk Home and Yayasan Sunbeams Home and was joined by famous 8TV’s faces such as Emily Chan, Orange Tan, Henley Hii, Haoren, Pauline Tan, Rickman Chia, Natalie Ng, Gary Yap, Chrystina Ng, Lynn Lim, Ley Teng, Jan Chin, Wind Lee, Desmond Tey, Baki Zainal, Joey Leong, Ziah Zhang, Happy Gan, and Wee Ping.

The presence of these celebrities definitely made the environment livelier during their meet and greet session.

According to Encik Johan Ishak, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Prima Television Networks,

“We would like to thank every single viewer that has always been supporting of 8TV.

“Your support mean everything to us, as they are our drive to always strive for the best and to ensure the contents we serve are top-notch.

“We hope to organise more activities in the nearest future, so that our audience will feel closer to us.

“To usher in the upcoming Chinese New Year that will mark the end of the 12-year zodiac cycle, Media Prima Television Networks would like to highlight the importance of giving, making others feel loved and appreciated during the festive season.

“More importantly, always pray for our beloved family and friends’ safety and prosperity throughout the year.”

Giving gifts while visiting our family and friends during the festive seasons has become a part of our tradition.

Hence, the theme for CNY So Happy is ‘giving’, in which we hope everyone would give sincerely and wholeheartedly.

Be it expensive or affordable, we should not be measuring one’s sincerity based on the price of the given gift. The most important thing is to always pray for our loved one’s well-being all year long.

Chinese New Year is coming soon! Don’t forget to share your excitement on social media with #cnysohappy!

For more information, please go to and don’t forget to follow 8TV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @8tvchinese.

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