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Goo Hara Alleged Death Note Was Found By Police After They Released Official Statement About Her Death

Following Goo Hara sudden death, the police have found a “memo” allegedly written by her..

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The 28 years old singer was found unconscious at her apartment. Hara, who was at that time living alone was believed to have taken her own life. The police has officially released a statement in regard of her death :-

A pessimistic note about her life written in Hara’s handwriting was discovered on the table in the living room. At 6PM yesterday evening, the housekeeper discovered Hara’s body. After combining on-site investigations as well as witness accounts, we have concluded that there is no crime.


Just a few days before her death, Hara posted a photo with a caption “Goodbye”, the caption has raised suspicion among netizens who believed that it was her last message before she left the world.

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There are a lot of speculation been made in regard of her death , however fans believed that her breakup and alleged controversial sex tape with her ex-boyfriend were part of the reason that led to her “severe” depression. Since her sudden death, Hara’s infamous ex boyfriend Choi Jong Bum  has received major backlash on Twitter over his alleged ill-treatment towards her. 

Hara’s death shocked the entire K-wave industry,  fellow K-pop idols EXO, MAMAMOO, NCT 127, Cosmic Girls, AOA have canceled their activities, showing a moment of silence and respect in regard of her sudden death. 



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