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Hafrez Adam Explains Why He And Zara Zya Decided To Call It Quit Even Though Only Being Engaged For One Month

Hafreez Adam admits his engagement couldn’t be saved anymore.

Actor, Hafreez Adam (29) whom got engaged with fellow drama series cast mate—Zara Zya on October 12th earlier this year, finally admitted that their relationship had torn apart and couldn’t be saved anymore.

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According to BH Online, the two love birds were supposed to be tying the knot and make it official in the same month next year, but luck wasn’t on their side as their engagement got cut off only a month after their engagement date.

The split started a mere speculation as fans noticed that Hafreez had unfollowed his ex-fiance on Instagram and also deleted all pictures of the two together from his feed. However, it was only recently that the actor spoke up about the controversy and brought light to the truth.

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❝Both of us had discussed through WhatsApp last Friday and we’ve come to a decision to answer the questions regarding our relationship. Both of us do not want to make things bigger that it is now and we’ve ended things on good terms. Zara and I are not fighting❞

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Hafreez further explained that the relationship couldn’t last long as they don’t feel connected to each other despite already being acquaintances for so long. 

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Hafreez, who had won the ‘Artis Baharu Lelaki Popular’ award on the 29th ‘Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian’ revealed despite splitting on good terms, the two at the moment are still not talking and keeping their distance.

“I believe both of us still need space and our private time to recover. Who might know what could happen next. Maybe after this, there will be people out there who’d talk bad about us. So we’re being wary.”

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Putting the past as a lesson, Hafreez asked fans to further show their support to both Zara and himself. He also prayed for Zara’s well-beings despite knowing he’s no longer the closest person to her.

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Previously, Zara—full name Zainurul Razia Mohd Zainuddin (34) revealed that their unsuccessful engagement wasn’t because of a third person.

“Just like any other partners, we too have our own ups and downs in our relationship”

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