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HaHa Under Fire For Making Extremely Rude Gesture on Live Broadcast

Being a celebrity means we absolutely have to be careful about our every move and word.

As for HaHa, things are going pretty badly for him right now as netizens are showering criticism upon him for an extremely rude gesture made during a live broadcast.

On August 28th, 2018, he went onto BJ GAMST’s broadcast where singer Kunta showed him support. In return, HaHa complimented Kunta, Allkpop reported.

However, worried that viewers might mistaken his words as promoting Kunta, he said,

“I swear it’s not a promotion.”

While saying that, he made a hand gesture where he put his pinky up and thumb down in adjacent to his face.

In South Korean culture, by doing this gesture, more specifically if pressed the pinky to the forehead and thumb to the lips, it means “I swear and if it’s not true, you can call my mother a whore”.

It is extremely rude to do so.

Shocked by HaHa’s actions, netizens filled the live feed’s comment sections with words like,

“His hand gesture…”

“Does he not know he’s going to get cursed at if he does that? He’s not a child but he’s acting like one.”

“I wonder how much he uses it usually that he’s doing that. He looks so ignorant and uncivilised.”

The rage is also fuelled by the fact that comedian Park Myungsoo’s wife, Han Soo Min, also recently used that gesture. After receiving severe backlash, she apologised through social media.

However, some fans argued that it could have been a misunderstanding because HaHa didn’t actually press his fingers to his face. One fan also said that it could have just been an awkward angle of the finger sign that everyone’s doing now.

Currently, neither HaHa nor his label have said anything about this issue.

What do you guys think of it?


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