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Hello Kitty and Friends are Coming to Kuala Lumpur in MASSIVE Exhibition!

Founded in 1960, best known for global icon Hello Kitty, Sanrio offers a portfolio of more than 400 endearing characters. How well do you know about them? Each Sanrio member accompanies us along our life journey, symbolising the wonderful memories of different generations.

Licensed by SANRIO and organised by ALATA EVENTS and MACEXPO, Hello Kitty and her friends are coming to Malaysia for Our Sanrio Times – Kuala Lumpur at Hall 5, Level 5, Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur from 24 November 2018 to 6 January 2019, 11am to 9pm daily!

The 1,500 sqm large exhibition features 13 Sanrio-themed zones where visitors can view and take photos of the 100 out of 400 adorable Sanrio characters in a variety of colourful settings, offering a visual experience like never before.

Set to be the largest exhibition of its kind in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, the exhibition, spanning over seven weeks and falling on school holidays, Christmas and the New Year, will not only be an attraction to families and the little ones, but also to the young-at-heart as they relive their memories while capturing new ones.

4 Special Highlights In 13 Zones To Recall Childhood Memories With Sanrio Characters

There are 4 key highlights in ‘Our Sanrio Times’. First, the most delighting part is ‘Sanrio Village” whereby 100 selected characters will team up at the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur for the first time.

Some characters will take a ride on the Sanrio train which is made to imitate Sanrio Gift Gate of Gotanda, Tokyo in 1970s.

Second, the replica of the first merchandise created by Sanrio, Hello Kitty coin purse, will be first shown in Malaysia. All loyal fans will definitely be surprised with it!

Third, with the full support of Sanrio Japan and Sanrio Hong Kong, over 300 vintage items will be displayed offering unprecedented visual experience.

Last but not least, designers in charge of Sanrio Japan is especially invited to create exclusive hand sketch for 9 well-known Sanrio characters, teaching us how to draw the lovely Sanrio characters step by step.

This drawing tutorial will undoubtedly become a great platform for fans to create their beloved characters!


The Plushy World – The most Instagrammable spot in the town

In addition to the 4 highlights above, the giant and adorable Hello Kitty plush in 3.5 m tall, is going to have her first encounter with fans!

Apart from that, the exhibition includes various theme zones.

For example, ‘Sanrio Time Tunnel’ leads us to have a quick review on all Sanrio classic characters over the past decades; ‘Paper Doll Fun’ recalls our childhood memory of ‘doll dressing up game’; ‘Vintage Stationery House” displays the Sanrio classic stationery; “Strawberry Newsroom” let all super fans read through the previous issues of Strawberry News which is a monthly magazine sharing Sanrio updates; “Strawberry Office” where you may find many secret of Strawberry King.

Sanrio fans could even have a delighting experience of being the cover idol in ‘Strawberry Studio’! Last but not least, it is a precious time for Sanrio character to visit Malaysia.

Don’t miss the chance to travel with them in ‘Malaysia Zone’ to commemorate this perfect and enjoyable journey!


Tickets to Our Sanrio Times Kuala Lumpur Exhibition are priced at:

  • Early Bird (from 30 October till 20 November 2018): RM25
  • Malaysian Resident: RM33
  • Special Ticket for OKU & Senior Citizen (from 21 November 2018 to 6 January 2019): RM20
  • Non-Malaysian Ticket: RM60

* Admission is required for child with height of 90cm or above.
** All ticket prices exclude RM2 processing fee. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Our Sanrio Times Kuala Lumpur Exhibition is licensed by SANRIO, organised by ALATA EVENTS and MACEXPO, with QUILL CITY MALL KUALA LUMPUR as the Official Venue, REDBERRY MEDIA GROUP and NEWAY & CEO KARAOKE BOX as Promotion Partners.

Tickets are available through or call the hotline +603 9222 8811. For more info, log on to or or Instagram oursanriotimes.malaysia.

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