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Henry Golding Will Be Playing a Gay Man Soon

From playing an uber wealthy kid in Crazy Rich Asians to becoming Blake Lively’s on-screen husband in A Simple Favour, Henry Golding is expanding his skillset as an actor to next star as a gay British-Vietnamese man in the upcoming British film Monsoon.

Word about Golding being booked for the film has made its rounds since March. However, the buzz over his steamy gay role is certainly building up.

The Sarawak-born actor will play Kit who is traveling from London to his birth country of Vietnam to scatter his parents’ ashes.

Kit left Saigon to flee the Vietnam-American War with his family as boat refugees when he was young. He returns home 30 years later after feeling the need to reconnect to his home country and culture.

According to www.newnownext.com, the 31-year-old actor lamented that the LGBQT community is something he was exposed to at a younger age.

“I was a hairstylist, so the environment I grew up in, it was normal. My upbringing was, ‘Be good unto others, be kind, stay healthy, and be happy’.”

He added that his parents never set barriers and being surrounded by that community he saw it for what it is: A very loving, inclusive community.

The Malaysian-British heartthrob said that he wanted to portray the character with heart and wanted the storyline to shine through, not the fact that the character (Kit) is gay.

When asked about what fans can expect from the film, Golding said: “It’s pretty darn steamy.”

Directed by Hong Khaou (Lilting), Moonson is supported by British Film Institute (BFI) and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

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