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Here are the Top 10 Artists Malaysians are Discovering for the First Time

Spotify recently launched a new Malaysia Discovers playlist based on the listening trends of music fans across the country.

Tracks featured in this playlist reflect the most discovered artists of Malaysia and Insomniacks, the four-man Malaysian indie band, Andi Bernadee, one of Malaysia’s rising vocalists and Chvrches, the electronic pop band from Glasgow, Scotland are just a few of the fresh names in music that young people are discovering.

Spotify powers an average of 11 billion artist discoveries each month.

Our listeners are beyond curious and vastly open to expanding their taste in music and on Spotify, fans can discover their next favourite in a world full of new artists, songs and genres to explore.

Just ask any 18 to 24 year-old Spotify user; the music app recently uncovered that listeners in this age group have a unique and somewhat unexpected taste for discovery.

Here in Asia, we see Gen Z fans bopping away to the hottest K-Pop music and some of K-Pop’s latest rookie bands ITZY and Spotify’s Early Noise 2019 feature – TOMORROW X TOGETHER – can be found within the most discovered artist list across Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

The young Spotify listeners are discovering music with no holds barred.

Their unique tastes have even introduced them to international acts like Chvrches, the Scottish pop band who are heavily influenced by pop music from the late 80’s; and K-391, a Norwegian musician.

Meanwhile, these Gen Z’s are also listening to local acts more than ever – discovering talented musicians such as Hafiz Suip, who rose to fame in 2009 after winning a reality singing competition; Andi Bernadee and Insomniacks.

The three local acts are currently charting on Malaysia’s Top 50 playlist on Spotify.

Here are the top 10 most discovered artists in Malaysia who have been discovered (played for the first time) by 18 to 24 year-olds in the past 60 days:

3. Chvrches
4. Wahyu Selow
5. Hwa Sa
6. Hafiz Suip
7. Andi Bernadee
8. Normani
9. K-391
10. Insomniacks

To see more of the artists our Gen Z listeners are getting to know, stream our Malaysia Discovers playlist.

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