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Here’s a Full List of Every Dating Scandal Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon Had

Girl’s Generation’s leader, Taeyeon, has been a hot topic for many years. She’s been making headlines from reasons like solo tours to downright degrading reasons like botched plastic surgery procedures.

Indeed, she hasn’t had much break for the past 11 years but nothing has ever compared to her many dating scandals.

Over the years, she has been accused of dating several men over some very ridiculous reasons.

Here’s the full list of men she’s ever had dating scandals with:

1. JYJ’s Junsu

Back when Junsu was still with TVXQ, the male group along with Girl’s Generation held a collaborative performance. Both Junsu and Taeyeon were interacting on stage and a fan took a picture of them.

Thanks to timing and angles, the picture made the two look like they were holding hands. Later, some picture of them together in Los Angeles also went viral which convinced people that they were a couple.

SM Entertainment, both the artists’ label at the time did not make any statements and allowed fans to defend that they’re just friends from the same agency.


2. Super Junior’s Kangin

In 2009, Kangin and Taeyeon hosted a radio show together and they had great chemistry together. During their shows, they took many selfies together which seemed a tad bit intimate.

Obviously, rumours started spreading like wildfire but neither of them nor their company, SM Entertainment, made any statements regarding them.

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3. Super Junior’s Leeteuk

About a year later in 2010, it was Leeteuk who was paired up with Taeyeon in rumours. The reason for this was due to matching accessories which people believed to be couple items.

From matching earrings to a similar bag, people obviously thought that the two were secretly dating. It was found to be very untrue when Leeteuk explained the situation on Radio Star much later.

He said that the matching earrings were merely a coincidence. They bought the very same design but from different stores and he had bought them first.


4. EXO’s Baekhyun

This is by far the biggest dating scandal in 2014 yet. Out of the many rumoured relationships, this is the very first one to be true.

Pictures of Taeyeon and Baekhyun having a private date in the former’s car went extremely viral and the artists admitted to being together.

They are the very first public couple from SM Entertainment but faced extreme backlash as well. During this period, Taeyeon’s reputation was at its worst thanks to the many jealous haters.

She was watched like a hawk by everyone and any little slip up became reason to slam her. Some people were particularly upset at the fact that she was dating a younger man.

Some extreme comments even stated that Baekhyun was duped into dating her! Poor Tae…

The couple ended up calling it quits after being together for 1 year and 2 months.


5. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Soon after her breakup with Baekhyun, relentless haters started spreading rumours about her again. This time it was with G-Dragon who is also notorious for his many dating scandals.

A South Korean tabloid stated that G-Dragon fell in love with Taeyeon because she reminded him of his first love.

YG Entertainment’s statement read,

“None of it is true. We aren’t quite sure why such a rumour spread.”

Things didn’t die down at all after that statement. People were still convinced that they were together due to how active they both were on Instagram. Because some of the things they posted seemed similar, people jumped to the conclusion that it was a sign of them being a couple.


Thankfully, those vicious tongues finally stopped attacking Taeyeon since the G-Dragon incident and her reputation has recovered too. Her success as a solo artist has also pushed the haters aside.

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Source: Koreaboo

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