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Here’s All the Activities You Can Do to Celebrate Parents’ Day at Resorts World Genting

The love of a parent for their child is something that is continuous and transcends all things good or bad. 

As the recipient of this unconditional love, treat your parents to a wonderful day of pampering, fun and love at Resorts World Genting this Parent’s Day! 

In recognition of the pivotal role that parents play in all our lives, Resorts World Genting has suggested a wonderful itinerary that will deepen the ties between parent and child while having lots of fun along the way. 

Let’s see what’s in store to celebrate your beloved parents! 

1. BigTop Video Games Park

Bringing back the nostalgic dating spots for your parents, the BigTop Video Games Park is full of the classic games that an arcade should have.

Located on Level 2 of First World Plaza, the bright lights and amazing colours of the old school arcade is a place where the family can battle it out or work together. 

Face-off in a racing or fighting game in a cross-generational clash or work together to beat carnival-style games. 

BigTop is a fun and fulfilling experience for the whole family, and the perfect way to start of Parents’ Day at Resorts World Genting. 

The games at the arcade operates by swiping a card that can be purchased at the cashier with RM1 per point.

The carnival-style games include the Goblet Toss, Losbter Pot, Hook A Duck and Ring Toss. Special prizes awaits you if you succeed in fully completing the games. 


2. Steam Era Restaurant 

After expending all that energy at the arcade, it is time for some nourishment. Pop over to the nearby Steam Era Restaurant for a very satisfying lunch. After all, food brings people together.

Blending hot pot with steam, Steam Era’s ‘Steam Hot Pot’ is a new concept that steams instead of boiling to preserve the sweetness and nutrients of the original ingredients. 

For Parents’ Day, Steam Era is offering a special Set Menu (RM588 for 4 Pax), which includes Salmon Sashimi, Silver Pomfret, South African Abalone with Glass Noodles & Minces Garlic, Freshwater Tiger Prawns, Kuala Sepetang Clams, Kampung Chicken with Red Dates & Cordyceps, Smoked Duck Breast with Cabbage, Parents’ Day Longevity Noodles and Chinese Yam and Clam Soup. 

The restaurant also offers a set meal for 10 pax at RM1188. The menu includes Salmon Sashimi, Fresh Giant Grouper, South African Abaline with Glass Noodles & Minced Garlilc, Freshwater Tiger Prawns, Kuala Sepetang Clams, Fresh Pearl Scallop, Black Truffle Chicken Balls, Crab Meat with Broccoli, Parents’ Day Longevity Noodles and Chinese Yam & Clam Soup. 

The dishes will be steamed right before your eyes. You can choose to have soup or porridge to be served in the sets. The freshness of the dishes will certainly energise you after tiring yourself at the arcade. 

With helpful staffs and friendly chefs, the restaurant has a nice setting that fits all sorts of celebrations, especially celebrating your parents.


3. Skytropolis Funland 

Filled up from a satisfying lunch, the family fun continues with exploring the 400,000 square foot indoor theme park, Skytropolis Funland, that offers over 20 new rides in a stunning carnival-themed environment. 

The rides are thrilling and will definitely put everyone in a good mood to enjoy the experience.

Full of steampunk elements and inviting adrenaline, it is a wonder just to freely wander around the mesmerising Skytropolis, while choosing which rides to experience on a Pay-per-ride or Preview Pass Ticket. 

Some of the rides have surprising elements to it! So, if you want to know and experience it, you have to come here with your family. 

Fancy more adrenaline?

Age should never be a barrier for adventure, and families seeking more thrills can zip across Skytropolis on the Eagle Landing Zipline – taking riders on a 25 km/h rush, 200 metres in the air, offering a bird’s eye view of the space under the brilliant lights of an illuminated ceiling. 

The view from high above is spectacular despite enjoying a good scream from the heights on the way down the zip line. 


4. Healing Touch Foot Spa

After an action-packed afternoon, it is perhaps time to wind down again. 

Just what the doctor recommended is a 30-minute or 60-minute Foot + Head & Shoulders Massage at Healing Touch Foot Spa. 

With three outlets across Resorts World Genting (Genting Grand, SkyAvenue, First World Plaza), this is a time for families to relax together while pampering themselves with a revitalising treatment in a tranquil environment. 

Other services that they offer are salons, manicure and pedicure sessions, and also tattoos! 

For the head & shoulders massage, you will be seated on a special kind of chairs. It is a unique experience and the massage just makes you forget about all of your problems. 

The masseur and masseuse are very experienced and you can choose the level of pressure for your massage. A selection of green tea, ginger tea or warm water is served to you after the relaxing treatment!


5. Lol Soon Kee Desserts 

Continue on that relaxing journey with a soothing tea break at Lol Soon Kee Desserts.

Serving up traditional time-honoured recipes from across China’s grand history, enjoy family-favourites like Honeydew Sago, Stewed Korean Pear with Peach Raisin, Soya Gingko Soup, Bubur Cha Cha and Red Bean Soup here to replenish the stomach and soul. 

Or, for an extravagant treat, choose from Lol Soon Kee’s selection of signature desserts made with premium ingredients, including the Heavenly Master, Grand Champion, The Winner and Earthly Master. 

The range of cold and hot desserts here is mouth-wateringly refreshing. With light and vibrant flavours that are classic, these desserts makes it perfect to continue the adventure together with the whole family. 


6. Genting Bowl

Of course, every family has to have their competitive side. Divide into teams at Genting Bowl on Level 3 of First World Plaza for a fun session of throwing balls and dropping pins. 

Genting Bowl is not just any bowling alley; the space is designed with glow-in-the-dark elements and neon lighting that takes the friendly competition to a cool sci-fi experience. 

The spacious seating areas are also comfortable for family members to sit down while waiting for their turns to throw the ball. 


7. High Line Rooftop Market

As the day comes to an end, wander outside into the cool mountain breeze to watch the sun set over cloud-drenched mountains. 

The rooftop level of SkyAvenue is the perfect place to experience this picture-perfect moment, so have your camera ready!

Once the stars begin to appear in an inky-black sky, it is time to end the day with a bang at the High Line Rooftop Market.

A collection of cool original F&B outlets under one communal roof with outdoor and indoor seating, there is something to suit all palates and tastes at High Line. 

For Parents’ Day, there are several orders offered at High Line worth noting; a Kam Heong Seafood Bucket, Lobster Nasi Lemak, the High Line Meat Platter or the Hangover Beef Burger. 

Choose one (or all) of these for an unforgettable Parents’ Day dinner, while enjoying the strains of live music playing under the High Line roof.


With that, a memorable Parents’ Day at Resorts World Genting is complete! Whether you return down to your city or spend the night at one of the Resorts World Genting’s wide range of hotels, this is an opportunity to show our parents the appreciation that they deserve. 

Let’s take our parents for a fun day out and let them have a stress-free time with the whole family.

For more information, visit Resorts World Genting’s website or call +603-27181118

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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