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Hyorin Reveals She Had Cancer as a Child and Uses Tattoos to Cover Scars

Previously, idols having tattoos were kinda taboo as the South Koreans believed that it will be encourage the younger ones to get them. In fact, national broadcasting companies even go to the extent of censoring out any spot of ink on skin.

Some idols even had to wear skin-coloured tape over places like their neck and hands which are usually difficult to cover by usual clothes.

Thankfully, the community is becoming more accepting of tattoos lately.

Hyorin, former member of SISTAR, has had the cross tattoo on her belly for the longest of time. Due to the group’s sexy concepts, they often had to wear crop tops, bikini tops, etc. in their music videos, which obviously exposed Hyorin’s ink.

However, many might not know the real reason why she has it at that particular spot.

Recently, she appeared on Life Bar which aired on August 9th, 2018, Allkpop reported. She revealed that she had cancer as an infant and the tattoo is to cover up the surgical scars.

“I have a tattoo on my belly. I got it because of the scars from my two surgeries. The scar was a huge stress factor to me.

“I was born with ascites, and put on an incubator immediately after birth. I was diagnosed with paediatric cancer (biliary atresia).

“I successfully completed the surgery and I received another one a year later. I thought about covering up the scar with a tattoo so I got a cross tattoo over it.”

It’s a wonderful story of survival and seeing that something which happened to her at the beginning of her life cycle did not hinder the chances of being successful, she has become the source of inspiration for many.

She shared,

“Parents who have kids suffering from biliary atresia send mail to me.”

Sometime, people have tattoos simply because they like the art and other times, people have deeper meanings to it.



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