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Hyoyeon Shares How Girls’ Generation Lasted So Long Together

Popular female K-Pop group Girls’ Generation has had an illustrious career since first arriving on the scene back in 2007.

Many developments have occurred along the way for the band also known as SNSD and in a recent interview for Singles Magazine, band member Hyoyeon spoke about her progress as an entertainer.

According to Soompi, the idol had taken up the challenge to become a DJ and made a solo comeback earlier this year after dropping an EDM track titled Sober.

“I’m known for being a good dancer in my group and for my easygoing image, but I wanted to show people my identity as the person named Hyoyeon. The feedback I received while promoting my DJ persona makes me a deeper and more unique person,” she said.

The Girls’ Generation hottie added that she personally believed in being as pleasant as possible while at work.

“I receive positive energy from the people around me. There are times when things don’t go well or you become frustrated during work. When that happens, I’m not the type to voice out my complaints. I try to do things as joyfully as possible. Since everyone around me is like that, things are always lively, whether on stage or during broadcasts. All the people around me bring me happiness,” she said.

The 29-year-old artiste then elaborated on what she considered was her secret to maintaining a highly active career for the past 11 years.

“I think the reason that I was able to plow forward without resting was because, a long time ago, I went through a seven-year training period. That time, which I spent focusing entirely on myself, made it possible for Girls’ Generation to last for 10 years (and more),” she said.

“As time goes on, I actually find the public’s interest (in me) less burdensome. I find it fun to show myself (to the public) and to share the things I like. On the other hand, I’ve developed a sense of responsibility that makes me want to live a more principled life.”

Girls’ Generation recently announced the formation of a new unit dubbed Oh!GG, which consist of Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, YoonA, Sunny, and Yuri. The quintet’s first single, Lil’ Touch, is expected to drop on Sept 5.

Source: NST

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