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HyunA Posts Cute Pictures of Date with E’Dawn in Japan

It’s been a while since E’Dawn and HyunA were revealed to be a couple but the two couldn’t enjoy a nice time together due to the massive backlash…from their own company!

Cube Entertainment weren’t too happy with the singers dating each other. The horrid company which HyunA has been with for 10 years heartless kicked her and E’Dawn out for it.

Of course, the couple aren’t letting things get to them.

HyunA recently posted a series of pictures of her date with E’Dawn around the streets of Japan.

The happy couple smiled cheerfully, had some delicious food, and cutely holding hands.

E’Dawn was dressed in a bright yellow shirt, simple jeans, a black beanie, and black slippers, with a black and white Puma bag.

Meanwhile, HyunA donned a cute checkered sweater, white beret, black tights, and white shoes and socks. She added a black sling bag to the look.

However, he best accessory would have to be her sincerely happy smile.

 Perhaps having their relationship become public allowed for a huge burden off their shoulders.


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