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“I Gave Him Another Chance, But…” – Bella Astillah on Husband Aliff Aziz’s Infedility

Bella Astillah, wife of singer-actor Aliff Aziz today shone the spotlight on her husband via Instagram today, for cheating on her.

In a post depicting screengrab of a conversation with an individual who tipped her off with the details, Bella accompanied it with a long caption, and even tagged Aliff and actress Oktavia Manrose, believed to have partied with him at a nightclub.

The conversation thread saw the follower informing Bella about Aliff being present at a nightclub in the company of Oktavia, who happens to be his co-star in a telemovie he recently filmed.

Almost two years ago, Aliff was at the centre of a controversy which involved a karaoke outing with actress Afifah Nasir.

The hullabaloo took place all while Bella in the midst of confinement as she had just given birth to their son, Ayden Adrean, now 2.

In her long post, Bella wrote:

“From the previous incident, I gave him another chance because humans should be given second chances.

“But you can’t possibly imagine what I’ve been through since,” she wrote.

Bella described Aliff’s strange behaviour while filming his latest telemovie recently, and how he was overly secretive with his smart phone, changing his password and deleted his chats with Oktavia.

Wanting some sort of affirmation, Bella had confronted Oktavia who in return had assured her that the relationship between her and Aliff was purely platonic.

“I never thought that the same person I sought comfort in, was the same person who went to the club with Aliff.

“I have always prayed to God for answers relating matters to my marriage, I never thought my prayers would be answered so quickly,” she wrote.

She then thanked the individual who shared the information with her and included a note for her husband as well.

“To Aliff, if you think you are happy living that kind of lifestyle, and have found the right clubbing partner and one who can take care of your well-being, please proceed with it.”

Some of Bella’s fans and followers sympathised with her and prayed that she would be given the strength to endure the heartache, while others told her it was time to walk away from a partner who had cheated more than once.

In her latest post, Bella warned Oktavia that she had proof of their night out.

Aliff on the other hand, has not responded to the controversy.

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