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“I Should Get Married To Mark”, EXO’s Kai Confesses His Love For NCT’s Mark

Bromance is in the air!

By now, every kpop stans (or NCTzens at least) know that Mark is one of the ace members in NCT. Having debuted in almost all sub-units of NCT, Mark is a very stand out rapper and dancer in the group. Apparently, his talent doesn’t stop there as he can play instruments as well.


He plays instruments so well that even Kai confesses his love towards the 20-year-old idol.

On 4th of January, SuperM released its behind-the-scene footage of the group’s adventure in California last October.

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At one point of the video, Mark was jamming on the guitar and was showcasing his excellent finger techniques whilst asking his SuperM-groupmate Baekhyung to sing along with him. After hearing his lovely tune, Kai was visibly impressed as he dropped onto the couch next to him and asked if he learnt by taking lessons.

Kai then jokingly took the opportunity to confess his adoration towards Marks followed with a chuckle.

“I should get married to Mark.”

Mark responded by sharing, “I wanted to learn how to play this song after I went to your concert.”

You can check out the footage at 6:17.

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