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“I’d Rather Wear Clothes I’m Comfortable in…” – Dato’ Siti Fends Off Haters

Popular singer Dato’ Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin is untroubled by criticism about her choice of attires for her concert in Jakarta, Indonesia recently.

Some quarters have criticised that her ensembles looked outdated and were not suitable to be worn by someone of her stature.

“While everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, I too have my own reasons for choosing the ensembles for that evening.

“What’s the point of wearing tight-fitting clothes if they would only affect your performance on stage?”

“I’d rather wear clothes I’m comfortable in that allow me to move freely on stage,” said the 40-year-old Malaysia’s No. 1 singer in a news report yesterday.

The concert held at Istora Senayan was the first venue of her Siti Nurhaliza On Tour 2019 series. Next stop is Singapore on March 2, and will culminate at Kuala Lumpur’s Axiata Arena on March 16.

Source: NST

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