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Is BTS’s Suga Really Dating Suran?!

Is BTS’s Suga really dating singer Suran?!

Rumours have been spreading that the two might be dating due an Instagram post.

All ARMYs are probably screaming ‘Nooooooo’ now right.

Well, ARMYs can relax as BTS’s official company, BigHit Entertainment, has released an official statement denying the duo’s dating rumours on March 27th.

It said:

“The dating rumors about Suran and SUGA are not true. They’ve only worked on music production together.”

Image via Wow Keren

Both Suga and Suran’s dating news started when one specific online user spread the rumours of them dating based on Suran’s Instagram’s post.

It all began when Suran posted a picture of macaroons on Instagram with the caption that contains the word ‘shine’, which supposedly refers to Suga’s birth name.

Shine in Korean is pronounced as yoon gi while Suga’s real name is Min Yoon Gi.

Then, the horrible online user created the dating rumour and spread it by using the desserts picture as “proof”. 

Image via Allkpop

Image via Allkpop

Eventually other fans joined in the game.

They pointed out a picture of Suga and Suran receiving the Hot Trend Award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards and mistakenly said that both of them got the best couple award.

Hence, the rumours of both the two being together spread like wildfire.

Image via Allkpop

By looking at these rumours, fans of Suga and Suran expressed their opinions by saying: 

“If a dating news had to happen, it should’ve happened through formal news, not from a speculation from just one person’s Instagram. Lol.

“Also, the award SUGA and Suran received was for Hot Trend Award (producer and artist). What do you mean best couple award.”

Image via candyclover

“Dating rumours didn’t start. It was just based off Suran’s Instagram. Shoo shoo shoo is Suran’s other name before she took the (stage) name of Suran (Baily Shoo)”

“We’re not stupid. Haha. I can only laugh”

Suga and Suran knew each other since way back. Suga also produced Suran’s award winning song Wine which achieved multiple chart killers.

They are definitely good friends who help each other out even in the music world.

Fans should stop spreading fake news and rumours because it will definitely hurt the idols’ career and reputation. So, it’s okay Suga and Suran, we know what is the truth and we will stand by you.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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