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For quite some time now, CL has been facing difficulties in making it big in the US. She even opened up about how tough it has been for her in an episode of Double Life.

During a talk with her bestie, Jeremy Scott, in that show, she mentioned how being successful in South Korea didn’t guarantee her fame and success in Hollywood.

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It was so challenging ’til she had to take time off from her work just to refocus herself. Now, it seems like CL has come back better and stronger than before!

Looks like 2018 is Lee Chae Lin’s year after all.

In recent Instagram posts, CL has teased fans with photos of herself with top star John Malkovich and other cast members of Mile 22.

Mile 22 is an up and coming Hollywood blockbuster starring Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, Ronda Rousey and John Malkovich.

Source: @chaelincl

According to IMDb, Mile 22 is about a CIA field officer and an Indonesia police officer who are forced to work together against violent and extreme political corruption.

Some of her captions include:


“So Where is @keitharthurbolden? #mile22”

Source: @chaelincl

She also uploaded photos of herself with the crew behind the scenes, and a photo of what seems to be her changing room on set.

So far, there hasn’t been any indications of her role or even the name of her character. But there have been rumours that Mile 22 will be a trilogy, Koreaboo reported.

Hence, there might be more CL in Hollywood movies to come.

Source: @chaelincl

Unfortunately, as they are still going through the initial stages of filming, no release date has been announced yet for this movie.

But hey, let’s keep rooting for CL as well as anticipate this movie. Can’t wait to see the former 2ne1 leader on the silver screen!


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