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We are definitely familiar with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. For many of us, we’ve been watching him on TV since his wrestling days. If you smell what The Rock is cooking…well the question is, what has The Rock been cooking all these while?

Back then we saw him only as that muscly guy who would lift and body slam people in wrestling rings. He also used to taunt people a lot and say stuff like “It doesn’t matter what you think!” as a show of his confidence.

Perhaps The Rock was just a character he created for the sake of his wrestling career, but we can all see similar traits in Dwayne as well.

In 2001, he broke into the big screen when he starred in The Mummy Returns and his Hollywood career flew off from then onwards. In 2017, Forbes named him the 2nd highest paid actor at a nett worth of US$65 million!

Now, it seems like Dwayne will be moving into the next step of his career; United States Presidency.

When he was interviewed by USA Today, Dwayne was asked about his plans on running for the next presidential election. He explained that he was ‘seriously considering’ it for the 2020 election.

The actor explained that it wasn’t even his idea in the first place.

“This actually never came from me. It started with a piece in The Washington Post, and there was this kind of groundswell.”

Thanks to that article, many people started to voice their support for him and said that he “could actually win”. This then encouraged him to actually run.

“So I can tell you with all honesty that the consideration comes at the desire from a large amount of people who would like to see this happen.

“But I mean, honestly, there are so many different variables that have to come into play when you think about this. Politics is not my business. So, the consideration is there. And we’ll just have to see.

“I’ll continue to watch and learn as much as I can.”

Source: Miami

Ultimately, all he wanted to do was provide improvements for the people in his country.

“To serve the people, and create a better environment for them.”

Lastly, when asked if he would go on the Republican or Democrat’s side, he answered,

“You’re pushing it right now…I’m an independent.”

The one thing he will definitely change is reintroducing court-jesters for his entertainment. As we all know, The Rock and Kevin Hart are besties, and he just has to have Kevin along on his road to presidency.

Only thing is, it seems like Kevin’s role will be to entertain Dwayne.

“Kevin Hart is going to be my court jester. I’m bringing that back,” Dwayne joked.

What do you guys think of The Rock as the United States of America’s president?

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