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Jackie Chan Announces New Album to be Released this Year

We all definitely know and love Jackie Chan for so many reasons. One our favourite moments with this Hong Kong actor would have to be the many comedic scenes in his crime fighting movies.

In fact, he recently announced that he and Chris Tucker are finally filming Rush Hour 4 after the series went on a hiatus since its third installation in 2007.

Aside from being a massive icon of silver screens, Jackie has also done loads of television and music works.

His first album was released in 1984 which features 8 songs in English, Japanese and Cantonese. From then on, he released several albums in various languages every few years up until 2002.

The reason behind the halt in his music career can be attributed to his exploding popularity in Hollywood after starring in the first Rush Hour movie.

Now, he has just announced his plans on releasing another album. According to Next Shark, the actor posted on his Instagram which read,

“It’s been 16 years since my last album.

“I’ll be releasing a new album in August this year, dedicated to my friends who have passed away, my wife, my son, and my brothers.”

Though it’s been a very long time since we’ve last heard any new songs from Jackie, we all know that the 63-year-old celebrity is still very much loved by a wide range of audience.

Let’s look forward to August for the release of his new album.



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