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Jin Lim Shares What It’s Like Running JinnyboyTV as a Father

As Malaysians, we’re all-too familiar with JinnyboyTV.

We’ve watched his videos, both the hilarious knee-slapping kind and the ones which broke our hearts a bit, from since he was a single man and now father.

xtra interviewed Jin Lim, one half of the YouTube channel, during the premier of Love at First Swipe and found out how he’s blossomed throughout his life and career.

Jin told xtra,

“The stories that I tell are different [now]. I wrote stories based on how I was growing up.

“If you look at all the films on my channel, I write stories based on what I’ve been through. And Ruben [also] writes stories based on what he’s been through.

“Recently, I just released a film about children and that’s what I think, as a father, is having a kid in these days.

“As these people come into my life, inspirations come, as cheesy as it sounds.”

Jin’s wife, Michelle Ng, gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Kayzel Lim, in August this year. Now, working as a father is a new challenge he must face but he’s thankful for the wonderful people around him.

He said,

“It becomes a full-time job. We don’t realise that working as a Dad becomes a full-time job.

“When you have a company that creates content which is on-demand every week, it is also a full-time job.

“But, I’m grateful because my wife really really helps around. Me and my wife runs the business together with Ruben, so it’s more like a team effort kind of thing.

“I’m also grateful that I have in-laws and my mum is also really supportive. So they’re also helping us take care of the kid as well.”

Don’t forget to catch JinnyboyTV’s latest series in collaboration with tonton called Love at First Swipe. All four episodes will be released today so you can binge-watch it in time for Christmas with your family.

Happy viewing!

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