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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Slams Horrible Article Calling Priyanka Chopra a Scam Artist

A controversial article regarding Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding by Mariah Smith recently caught the attention of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

The article basically attacked the couple who got married last May by claiming Priyanka is merely a “global scam artist” and Nick “wound up staring straight at a life sentence”, according to E! News.

The author wrote in her article which was posted on New York Magazine’s The Cut,

“At times, marriage can be a beautifully wonderful union that warms even the coldest of hearts, but sadly, this union evokes no such feeling.

“All Nick wanted was a possible fling with Hollywood’s latest It Woman, but instead he wound up staring straight at a life sentence with a global scam artist.

“Nick, if you’re reading this, find that horse and gallop away as fast you can!”

Obviously, both Joe and his fiance weren’t having any of it. In a tweet, Joe wrote,

“This is disgusting. @TheCut should be ashamed to have someone write such evil words. What Nick & Pri have is Beautiful Love. Thank u, Next.”

Sophie also chimed in with another tweet saying,

“This is wildly inappropriate and totally disgusting. Very disappointed that The Cut would give anyone a platform to spew such bulls–t.”

Soon after these tweets, the words “scam artist” were edited out of the horrid article but soon after, the entire post was removed completely.

An editor’s note on the post read,

“Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards,” an editor’s note on the article’s original page read.

“We’ve removed it and apologise.”

Soon after, Mariah tweeted her apology,

“I want to sincerely apologize to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, and to the readers I offended and hurt with my words.

“I do not condone racism, xenophobia, or sexism. I take full responsibility for what I wrote, and I was wrong. I am truly sorry.”

Perhaps she should have opted not to write such a defaming piece in the first place.

For more fun entertainment news, check out E! News via TV3 Malaysia’s YouTube.

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