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John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Snatch Wigs When They Reunited After 41 Years, Dressed Up As Their Characters

Wig snatched!

No one saw this coming but this weekend, ‘Grease’ fans just had their dreams come true when John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John—the ever iconic ‘Grease’ co-stars, made their appearance to the three sing-a-long screening of the legendary film, 41 years after its original 1978 release.

▲ Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease (1978).

It all started when John teased the fans of “trying to do something together” with the former co-star back in October. After all the buzz the fans have created, finally that “something” came to life with a “Meet ‘N’ Grease” sing-a-longs.

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And not only the two stars’ appearance had satisfy the die-hard fans’ longings, but they definitely came to party when both of them appeared to the party dressing up as their characters!

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#Grease is still the word. Opening night of #MeetNGrease at the @coralskyamp in West Palm Beach!

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Immediately as soon as the pictures and videos of the two went up on Instagram, fans all over the world are losing their minds as they erupt into a cheer! Especially noticing John’s iconic hair! Umph!

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For about a year, John has rocked a bald, shaved-head look full time, so when he suddenly appeared with his slick luscious hair, fans can’t help but cheekily commented “Where did you borrow the hair from?” and “How did you grow hair?”

▲ John Travolta at the 2019 G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala

Of course, it seems safe to assume that the hair John sported back at the screenings was indeed a week, but real hair or not, he still got it!

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Grease will ALWAYS be the word.

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And one particular fan whom was not aware of the reunion, posted the picture on Twitter saying “NO ONE MEANT TO TELL ME”

Following her tweet was many of others not believing their eyes! But one particular tweet that got us gagged was this one:

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