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Justin Bieber’s Baby MV is Most Liked AND Disliked Video on YouTube?!

When speaking of Justin Bieber’s origins, some would say it’s back in the days where he sang with a guitar on his couch. But for most people, they would remember him for his debut song Baby.

It was, and still is, one of the most debated songs of the century; you either hate it or love it, and there’s no in-between. Even the music video will make your cringe or scream in excitement.

Perhaps the reception now is a bit more subdued but we can’t rule out numbers and that is Baby is the #2 Most Disliked Video, #11 Most Liked Video, and #29 Most Viewed Video on YouTube!

Raking in a total of 10,370,000 thumbs down from people from the 2,070,583,327 views it has garnered up today. However, the amount of likes still outdo the dislikes with 10,990,000 thumbs up.

Among all the Top 40 most-liked videos on YouTube, Baby has got the lowest percentage of likes with only 51.59%.

The song was recorded with Justin’s pre-pubescent voice and the MV with his youthful looks. Using these two factors alone, the then 16-year-old singer became the subject of jokes.

Many called him a girl while some even went as far as to call him a lesbian. The most questionable comparison by far would be calling Justin a mini Ellen Degeneres.

This bullying went on for many years and even up until today, much to the Belieber’s dismay. Though life goes on, we can still sometimes see people poking fun a the 25-year-old.

Today, we celebrate the 9 year anniversary of the music video. Whether you hate it or love it, you gotta admit the song has maintained popularity since it’s inception til today.

P.S, xtra does not condone, encourage nor approve of any kind of bullying.

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