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JYP Accused of Being Cult Member, Denies Allegations and Plans to Sue

When it comes to sharing such extreme accusations, we must be careful whether what we’re saying is true or not.

Dispatch is a website infamous for spreading such news without valid confirmations. A majority of their news are usually mere baseless rumours.

However, their irresponsible reporting has often caused horrid damage upon the people they wrote about.

This time’s victim is Park Jinyoung or most well-known as JYP. Older generations will remember this man as the singer who wore clear plastic pants while most of the millennial will know him as the boss of one of the Big 3 companies.

Source: Koreaboo

According to Koreaboo, JYP was accused by Dispatch to be a part of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Korea (Salvation Sect) which is apparently known as a religious cult heavily involved in pyramid schemes.

It seems, the authorities have even investigated the Salvation Sect several times.

Dispatch’s reason for implicating JYP as such is due to the fact that he held a meeting on March 21st, 2018 inside church premises. Some of their reporters also allegedly attended the event which was “filled with cult messages”.

Source: Koreaboo

They apparently also took audio recordings of JYP’s sharings but did not share them.

This news report has also caused massive damage towards JYP Entertainment’s stocks. Since the story broke out, the company’s stocks fell from KRW21,450 (RM78.35) to KRW19,000 (RM69.40).

Thankfully, it has recovered slightly to KRW20,250 (RM73.96) but it is still 5% lower than before.

To battle Dispatch’s allegations, the CEO took to his Instagram to explain his side of the story.

He wrote,

“I rented this place with my own money for a Bible study session. Is this what you call a Salvation Sect?

“100 people came to hear my lecture and a few Salvation Sect members were in the audience because they wanted to hear my lecture. Is this a Salvation Sect meeting?

“Am I really part of the Salvation Sect when I have no ties whatsoever to the businesses of the Salvation Sect personally or through JYP Entertainment?

“How will you ever take responsibility for the damage you’re causing me and our company by releasing such articles without any confirmation?”

“For 4 years now, I’ve been getting together with a friend twice a week to have Bible study. That meeting has now grown to about 30 people. But, you say that this is a Salvation Sect meeting?

“I’ll post my testimony so please take a look at it carefully.

“If there is any issue with the content in terms of legality or morality, then your reports are legitimate but if there isn’t, you will be liable for all damage it has caused.”

It is not abnormal for Dispatch to post such wild accusations. They often post unconfirmed stories which has caused much ruckus towards people in the South Korean entertainment industry which are later proven to be false.

Do you believe that JYP is a part of a cult or is Dispatch sharing another absurd tale?

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