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Kang Daniel Slayed the Charts! And the Hearts of the Ladies!

*Phew* After all those dramas Kang Daniel had with his previous management agency, Daniel finally breaks out of the silence with a solo debut through a special album ‘Color On Me’.

Kang Daniel who is formerly a member of Wanna One, a project group from Mnet’s reality show Produce 101 Season 2, has released his special album ‘Color On Me’ on the 25th of July. 

His debut is highly anticipated, especially knowing that he is now under the management of Konnect Entertainment; a one-man agency established by himself.

Kang Daniel revealed on his showcase that he had participated in writing lyrics on all of the tracks except “Intro”, along with the help of producers from Devien-Channel and Flow Blow.

He also added that performing on stage solo reminds him a lot of his fellow Wanna One members. But the opportunity rewards him to perform in his own voice and style.


Pre-orders for ‘Color On Me’ starts and Tuesday, and immediately the special album has topped multiple South Korean sales chart! Accumulated over that 450,000 pre-orders, the idol’s loyal fanbase are all in to support Daniel’s solo debut. WOW!

On July 25th, Konnect released Daniel’s solo debut MV ‘What Are You Up To’ as the title track of ‘Color On Me’ on its YouTube channel. Within its first 12 hours of release, the MV itself has garnered 2M views!

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