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Wait, didn’t The Weeknd just broke up with Selena Gomez?

It seems like now this motherf**king Staryboy has moved on to a more mature lady. Well, dating younger men and older women seems to be the trend now.

There aren’t just empty rumours though because the two artists were actually spotted in Madeo Restaurant on Monday night in West Hollywood.

Nothing seemed dodgy at first as they arrived separately, but lo and behold, they were actually there to makan-makan together. It was also reported that Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd and Katy Perry spent approximately 3 hours together.

The Canadian singer donned a simple denim jacket over an unzipped hoodie with skinny black jeans while the pop princess looked stunning as always with a nude coloured ensemble; a beige peacoat, nude stiletto pumps and hoop earrings as accessories. 

Image via The Harpers Bazaar

Now, we may be hyped about a new power couple taking Hollywood by storm, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pop your bubble.

E! News reported that the musical duo was simply meeting up to discuss future musical collaborations. So it was a work meeting instead of a romantic candlelit dinner.


Well, you can’t blame fans for dreaming right. Ever since The Weeknd and Selena broke off, and Katy and Orlando Bloom also broke off their respective 10-month relationships, everyone is looking forward to who their next love interest could be.

But who could actually move on from Orlando Bloom though?

Image via Glamour

Image via Vanity Fair

In addition to all these rumours, Abel was recently spotted by paparazzi leaving Bella Hadid’s New York apartment. Bella and Abel dated for more than a year before they broke things off in November 2016. Not long after, The Weeknd got together with Selena.

But since the 2017 couple’s split, both The Weeknd and also Selena seems to be rekindling something with their exes too. Soon after splitting, Selena was also spotted out on a ‘friendly’ date with Justin Bieber.

Image via Glamour Lifestyle

Image via PopSugar

Well, anything is possible in Hollywood. Who know, maybe The Weeknd will get together with Katy, maybe he will rekindle something with Bella or Selena, or perhaps he will start something completely new with someone else too?

On a side note, just take a look at this sweet and innocent picture of Selena and Katy together. Awww…

Image via Vanity Fair

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