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Kevin Hart Will be Making Malaysians LOL During His Tour

He may be short but he has definitely made his mark in the world of entertainment. From blockbuster movies to short clips online, Kevin Hart needs no introduction.

We all know and adore the little man who’s just so filled with wit and humour in everything that he says. Plus, who could have missed him in Jumanji alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson where he did a LOT of screaming.

Some Malaysians might have thought that we would never be able to see the 163cm-tall man perform live right in front of us but our dreams will be coming true this December!

Kevin will be making a stop during this international WHAT NOW comedy tour. The tour is so famous that it sold out an entire NFL Stadium with over 50,000 tickets in a single show.

Even Europeans love the man with multiple arenas selling out at about 150,000 tickets each!

Malaysians are in luck because Kevin has decided to add our country to his many stops. Presented by LOL Events, the show will be taking place inside Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil.

Details as per below:

The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour
Date : December 15th, 2018
Time : 8.30PM
Venue : Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil
Ticket Price : RM450 – VIP
  : RM360 – CAT1
  : RM300 – CAT2
  : RM250 – CAT 3
  : RM200 – CAT4

For more information visit LOL Events’ website or Facebook page, and to purchase tickets, visit MyTicket.

Do note that the show is for people aged 18-years-old and above only.

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