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Kris Wu: Glad to Have Left EXO but No Regrets Joining

When rapper Kris Wu decided to leave K-Pop group EXO back in 2014, it was already a hugely influential outfit in South Korea.

In a recent news report, the Chinese-Canadian actor said that the main factor which drove him to embark on a solo career was due to the lack of freedom given to the members of the South Korean-Chinese boy band.

“As our schedule was very packed, we had no time to ourselves. And it also bothered me that we weren’t given the freedom to express ourselves creatively,” said the 27-year-old artiste who felt that he needed some room to come out with his choice of music at the time.

True enough, Wu later explored various artistic solo ventures in China’s entertainment scene, including starring in various film projects such as Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back and Sweet Sixteen.

He has so far won various awards for both acting and singing. For his music achievements in 2016 alone, he received Best Actor award at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival Gold Crane Awards Ceremony, the Newcomer with the Most Media Attention award at the19th Shanghai International Film Festival and Fresh Asia Awards’ Most Influential Male Singer of the Year.

Although he has also made a name in acting, Wu said that music remains his priority.

Wu also added: “While I’m glad I left EXO, I never regretted being part of it. The experience gained from the time with the band has made me the artiste I am today.”

Source: NST

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