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Krystal Jung is known as part of the Korean girl group f(x), and along side with her super famous sister – Jessica Jung who used to be under Girls Generation as the ‘Beautiful Jung Sisters’.

Recently, she has hit massive success with her latest drama ‘Prison Playbook’.

In an exclusive interview with Koreaboo, she revealed her thoughts on the possibility of leaving f(x) and being tagged as idol-actress. 

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In the drama, Krystal played the role of Kim Ji Ho, a traditional Korean medicine student in a university and ex-girlfriend of the main character, Kim Je Hyuk.

Krystal also commented on her character by saying,

“Some people may say it’s exactly the same as my characters before. In my opinion, is the easiest character to get immersed in, the most trustworthy character.”

Image via f(♥)

Then, she talked about receiving the tag of an idol-actress, as she firstly debuted as singer in f(x) and later became an actress who starred in many memorable dramas.

Krystal said she knows, but will never get rid of the idol part, as she said that:

“I debuted with f(x) and promoted as the singer Krystal. I don’t want to get rid of this tag.

“But I’ve also added in acting as well, so I want to do my best in both places even though I already have a previous image as a singer.”

Image via Soompi

When asked by Koreaboo on thoughts of leaving f(x) as her actress career is soaring high, she confirmed that she has no thoughts on ever leaving the group.

“I haven’t thought about leaving f(x) once, never.”

There are many fans whom waited a long time for f(x)’s comeback but it’s been so long since they did. When asked on any plans for the group’s comeback, Krystal replied: 

“When we get a good song, we’ll release an album whenever that is. I am also interested in a solo album. I’m open to that idea too.

“Right now, f(x) isn’t releasing an album but there are many opportunities in acting. That’s why I’m working as an actress right now.

For all f(x) fans who had waiting for their comeback, let’s just hope that they get a good song ASAP and promote as the name of f(x) again! 

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