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Kyoto Protocal to Tour Entire Malaysia and Tickets are FREE!

Kyoto Protocol (the band, not the accord) follows up with the rock and rolling track ‘Guilty Plea’ as the second single from their eagerly anticipated album ‘The Pen Is Mightier’.

After a breakup with his girlfriend, Fuad began a year long journey of rediscovering himself through the power of songwriting. This resulted in ‘The Pen is Mightier’ and the band’s best batch of songs to date.

No other song encompasses the feeling of betrayal more so than ‘Guilty Plea’. Lyrically, the song is about a relationship that has basically gone sour.

The band’s use of dynamics, timing and progression as well as the soundscape enhance the message that is being brought across.

The song, which combines the best of the band’s old and new sounds, was received positively by fans and festival-goers upon its live release at Good Vibes Festival 2018.

Ever since, the fans have been eagerly awaiting its release on all reputable music platforms.

The process for writing ‘The Pen is Mightier’ began with ideas from frontman, Fuad, and the band expanded the songs at home and in the studio.

Through a series of rehearsals and consequently, improvements, the band fine tuned their process and the album took shape under Fuad & Shakeil. They both executive produced ‘The Pen is Mightier’ alongside international executive producer, Paul Morrison from Maveriq Studio.

According to Fuad, the songs from ‘The Pen is Mightier’ contains some of the best lyrics he has written thus far. As such, the band foresees their music to be more critical of life’s experiences and they believe listeners will be able to relate.

The band has also been more inspired to push their own musical boundaries by creating more musical elements, as well as intricate parts, as they continue to aspire to be better musicians and continuously produce better music.

Kyoto Protocol, a band whose career spans to almost a decade, is working harder than ever to create music that they can be proud of.

While balancing nine to five jobs and their crazy lives, the boys have still managed to establish themselves as one of the top local bands in Malaysia by constantly creating new hits.

The music itself shows a growing sense of maturity, featuring well rounded songwriting, melodic sensibilities, while not banishing that trademark Kyoto Protocol quirkiness.

2018 has become another remarkable year for the boys and what better way to end the year off with a national tour to celebrate their success. This time around, the band is aiming higher.

Beyond just the performances, the boys are working on a limited documentary series to capture the Malaysian music scene as it exists today during the tour.

The national tour is called “#MilikKita” because the music scene belongs to us all . Whether you make music or listen to it, Kyoto Protocol aims to ignite a sense of appreciation for music that transcends through the ages.

The boys truly want their fans to be able to enjoy music the way that they do, without having the burden of ticket prices standing in their way.

After rocking the stage at Good Vibes festival earlier this year, Kyoto Protocol had also played in Baybeats Festival, Singapore’s longest running regional alternative music festival in August.

The boys have just made their way back from their Japan tour last month and are already gearing up for the next one. They love what they do, and they hope you do too.

Do visit the band’s website at to find out more details on tour dates and locations. While you’re there, you will also be able to find the links to their songs, music videos and personal social media pages.

“Guilty Plea” is also now available on all digital music platforms:

Apple Music:

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