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Lazada To Sell G-Dragon Limited Edition Merchandise!

G-Dragon started his mandatory military service a few days ago and many VIPs (the official fan club of Big Bang) are heartbroken as we won’t get to see the talented Big Bang leader for at least 2 years!

On the day of his enlistment, there were around 200 fans who gathered outside of the South Korean Army’s Third Infantry Division in Cherowon. They wanted to see G-Dragon for the last time to say goodbye to our beloved idol. 

Image via SBS

Although it’s sad to see him go into the army and us as fans won’t be able to see him as often anymore (or at all), GD actually prepared some special parting presents for VIPs!

The gifts that he prepared are one of a kind limited edition gift packages called ‘The Floral Pathway’. The reason for this name is due to the way G-Dragon thanks his fans and refers to us as his flowers.

He also wishes that we will walk down the road to happiness.

Aww…That’s just sweet!

Image via Lazada

Image via Lazada

All of the items in the package, even the fancy floral motif box were designed by GD himself. Wow! He definitely has a talent in designing. They’re so pretty! 

The gift package consists of many pretty gifts such as premium coffee drips, a GD hand print mug and mug box, a cute red-string bracelet with a simple flower pendant, themed envelopes, and a booklet.

Can I buy them all?

Image via Lazada

After seeing all these pictures, you want to buy them right? No worries, if you are from Southeast Asia, ‘The Floral Pathway’ is exclusively available via an official one-of-a-kind online GD Official Store on Lazada! 

Besides, there are more than 7,000 gift packages up for grabs!

Even fans from Indonesia can purchase the items at Lazada now while fans from Thailand can only get theirs on the 13th of March.

P.S. This gift box is only available for a limited time and while stocks last, so Malaysian VIPs, wait no more! Hurry up and go over to Lazada to purchase them now.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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