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Learn Sign Language with Real Deaf People in this Free Workshop

In partnership with the Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (SID), Starbucks developed the Outreach Community Program to enhance Deaf livelihood and enrich customers through a series of free workshops held throughout the year.

This is available at Starbucks Bangsar Village II where the store is run by a majority of the Deaf.

There are three types of workshops within the program; the Personal and Professional Development Workshop, the Deaf Empowerment and Awareness for Youth workshop, and the Signing Workshop.

These workshops hope to help the Deaf community develop their soft skills to prepare them for employment. The skills include work ethics, teamwork and career attributes such as professional writing, coding and web development, etc.

Of course, it is also to provide free Sign Language classes for the public so that we can learn to communicate with the Deaf and understand Deaf culture.

These Signing Workshops are held six times every quarter. The upcoming classes fall September 22nd and 29th, 2018.

The syllabus covers a range of basic topics like everyday expressions, action words, people and relationships, food and beverages, and many others.

If you’re interested in acquiring a new skill, then why not spend your next couple of Saturdays learning Sign language.

E-mail [email protected] with your name, contact number & preferred session to book your seat. Registration is on first come first serve basis and limited to 40 pax per session only!

It will come in handy when you’re interacting with anyone who’s hard of hearing for sure. For more information, visit Starbuck’s website.

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