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Lee Seo Won Sexually Harasses Female Celebrity With a Weapon!

Actor Lee Seo Won has been charged for sexually harassing and using a weapon to threaten an unnamed female celebrity.

The incident too place on April 8th, 2018 but the issue was revealed just recently. Apparently, he was drunk during the whole incident, Koreaboo reported.

The two were out drinking when Seo Won tried to kiss the lady but she rejected him. He continued to make physical contact with her anyways making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

So, she decided to call her boyfriend but in doing so angered Seo Won. That was when threatened her with a weapon of some sort.

The Gwangjin police said,

“He was very intoxicated while being investigated. He was shouting and swore at a police officer.

“The victim in question was a female celebrity. We sent the case to prosecution earlier in the month (of May).”

Source: Allkpop

Blossom Entertainment, Seo Won’s agency, confirmed the case and released a statement of apology.

It read,

“We sincerely apologise for concerning everyone with the scandalous incident Lee Seo Won was involved in.

“First, we were not aware of this situation until the media requested a statement from us. After confirming with him personally, we discovered that it was something that happened while he was privately drinking with an acquaintance.

“There are no excuses. We bow our heads in apology to everyone. We are sorry.

“Lee Seo Won has acknowledged his mistake and is in deep reflection over his behaviour towards the other party and concerning them and other people with his careless actions.

“Once again, we sincerely apologise to everyone and will sincerely take part in all investigations. We are sorry.”

After the confirmation broke out, tvN decided to drop him from About Time to avoid further controversy.

Source: Allkpop

The writers of the drama told the press,

“After we confirmed with the agency that the news is true, we decided to remove Lee Seo Won after an internal discussion.”

Apparently he has already filmed 12 episodes but because his role is pretty minor, the producers decide that it is not too big of a deal to re-cast and re-film everything.

Source: Soompi

Meanwhile, Music Bank has also decided to remove Seo Won as an emcee.

“After our producers heard of Lee Seo Won’s incident, we contacted his agency to confirm the news. Once it was confirmed, we decided to remove Lee Sea Won from the program.

“For the time being, we plan to feature a variety of special guests to host with Solbin.

“Our Music Bank staff will do our very best so that no inconvenience will be put on the K-Pop artists who work so hard for each stage and the viewers who wait to see them weekly.”

At only 21 years old, it seems like Seo Won’s career is going downhill after making such a huge mistake. Hopefully, he will reflect and learn well from this incident.

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