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Lilly Singh Expressed How ‘Fairness Creams’ Shouldn’t Even Exist

So-called ‘fairness creams’ are getting under Lilly Singh’s skin.

Was once ranked as number 10 on the Forbes list of the world’s highest paid YouTube stars, Lilly Singh—also known as IISuperwomanII, is a Canadian-based YouTuber whom later became a talk show host as well as an actress.

Famous for her comedic approach in diving social issues our current society are having, Lilly Singh issued a funny take down of ‘whitening’ complexion products on last Tuesday’s ‘A Little Late’ show.

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Singh explained that these products are super popular in India; so popular that they are even endorsed by local celebrities and are never expected to go away anytime soon!

She further said that this has silently created a huge issue within the society as they perpetuate a false idealism of lighter skin being the most preferable. 

▲ photo by Coline Haslé on Unsplash

Not only this indirectly can cause people to take on alternatives in reaching a unrealistic idealism, ‘skin-lightening’ products may lead to serious health effects as some products may contain harmful ingredients that are even banned in certain countries.

▲ photo by Bee Naturalles on Unsplash

Singh showed a commercial from ‘Fair & Lovely’ as an example; in the ad, a woman relegated to a lesser part in a dance performance still grabs the spotlight after she uses the product.

❝This  has to be the only ad that suggests being whiter will make you a better dancer.  I didn’t get this show by being fair and lovely, so I’ll stick with dark and in charge, if you know what I mean.❞

— Lilly Singh

Just watch the entire episode here where she talked about how ‘wack’ fairness creams are.

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