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Lilly Singh, a household name on YouTube recently posted a vlog of herself at the 2017 American Music Awards (AMA) which includes her reaction of meeting BTS, one of Korea’s K-Pop band; and her reaction to that is PRICELESS!

In her latest vlog, Lilly, a Punjabi-Canadian YouTube overnight sensation, who is worth USD $7.5 million (as of 2016) started the vlog with her typical message of self-love and positivity.

The video then moves on to her meet-and-greet session with Bangtan Boys (BTS).

Being the superwoman that she is, she then headed for the 2017 AMA to spread some good vibes of love and positivity, and of course to sing and dance along to all the fiery performances.

Who wouldn’t be dancing along to BTS anyways?

Lilly Singh and Sabrina Carpenter at the AMA 2017. | Image via Billboard


In case you missed it (I mean, why would anyone ever miss the AMA in the first place?), BTS totally killed their first-ever stage performance in the US.

We’re talking adults roaring and bursting into tears as the 7 perfect-looking boys started breaking their infamous K-pop moves. 

DAYUM! Maybe it’s just in their DNA to execute mic-drop-worthy performances? Who would have ever thought seven porcelain skin boys with flawless ash-blond hair could ever drive the American crowd so crazy!

Indeed, the Korean Wave has been taking over the world by storm but finally it has caught up to the their celebrities too. The K-Wave is getting REAL!

Now, we all know how Lilly has been having the maddest, baddest crush on K-pop bands, thus, the 3 seconds handshake with the boys ignited the most amusing reaction. Well, I’d fangirl like crazy too if I got to see these dorky boys irl.

Lilly couldn’t contain her excitement at meeting the boyband as she gushed on how lovely the boys were. She even went as far as to learn a whole ‘nother language just so she’d be able to communicate with them. Talk about spirit!

The Canadian wore a flamboyant fuchsia gown that looked a bit confusing as one side of her sleeve was long while the other was sleeveless. And a portion of her dress was short and the other ankle-length.

Critics hated her outfit to the point where she was even awarded worst dressed for the evening. Well, haters gonna hate, I still think you rocked the look that night, Lilly!

Image via Daily Mail UK

Check out the viral video of Lilly Singh meeting BTS here:

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