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Abam Bocey Passed Away

What is lovely never dies, but passes into another loveliness.

Famous Malaysian comedian Abam, who is also a member of the comedian trio—Bocey—has passed away in his humble abode in Gombak earlier today.

The shocking news was spread by the late Abam’s little brother—Ali—whom received the information from the deceased’s wife—Nor Hidayah.

image taken from: hmetro

It was revealed that Nor Hidayah had called Ali saying that his brother was in the state of unconsciousness and when the Ali had rushed to their home, Abam was found to no longer breathing.

Nor Hidayah later added that Abam was feeling under the weather for the past two days and had complained about having continuous pain in his head. However, when asked to seek medical inspection, the late Abam refused.

“He said it was just a normal fever and the typical headache. But this morning when I woke him up to perform ‘subuh’, he did not move an inch and didn’t give a reaction”.

— Nor Hidayah, wife of Abam Bocey.

image taken from: rotikaya

Abam; or his full name Syed Umar Mokhtar bin Syed Mohd Redzuan, 32, had tied the knot with Nor Hidayah back in 2017 and was blessed with a beautiful son—Syed Uthman Hamzah Al-Juffrey bin Syed Umar Mokhtar Al-Juffrey—whom is currently 5-months-old.

The news was further spread by fellow Bocey members—Fad and Acey—through their Instagram posts.

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Kenapa awal sangat bam!!!…. mana janji kau…!!… ya Allah… guyss abam dah takda guyss…

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