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Media Prima #1 Popular Media Content, Outshining Facebook and Google

The largest integrated media group in Malaysia, Media Prima, overpasses Google and Facebook as the most popular mobile content chosen by the netizens.

According to the latest data from Comscore (a US-based media measurement and analytics company), Mobile Metrix® Top 100 Properties, Media Prima is ranked the highest in the number of audience for December 2018 in Malaysia, with a total of 13.60 million unique visitors, an astonishing increase of 62% from December 2017.

Second spot goes to Google Sites with a total of 12.95 million unique visitors, and followed by Facebook with 12.92 million unique visitors.

Success on Transformation and Strategy Efforts

This clearly shows the group’s hard work in becoming the main successful digital content and trading company.

The rapid increase in the digital access is contributed by the execution of main digital strategies from the whole group, which brings benefits for Media Prima’s subsidiary companies, The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (NSTP), REV Asia Holdings (REV Asia), and Ripple in having the advantage to increase the demands of digital content news.

NSTP is the main source of news for Malaysians on the mobile app and application.

According to Commsource, BH and Harian Metro are both ranked first and second for the highest number of unique visitors with a total of 4.78 million and 4.39 million respectively.


REV Asia a Popular Brand

REV Asia is a wide portfolio of the following brands like, SAYS, OhBulan!, Rojaklah, Viral Cham, 8coin, Sirap Limau, MyResipi, Kongsi Resipi, and JUICE – with The Vocket – the popular Malay social news portal, Mashable Southeast Asia – the latest well known digital news brand, TanTanNews – a Chinese language news media portal as additions to the family.


Ripple Evolution

The evolution of Media Prima Radio channels to Ripple have given the opening opportunities to connect with the audience through seven new digital assets – Dhia, Donna, Lunaria, TheLaki, Likely, Chapters, and Wakeke.

The channels aim to stay tuned through synergy digital media, radio airs and trading. Up until now, Ripple has a huge digital community including 10 million followers on social media, an average of 3.2 million digital listeners and 283 million digital viewers.


tonton and xtra

TV3 also brings you tonton, an online streaming website to watch all your favorite shows on local channels and also international channels. You can never miss out on any episodes anymore and can always re-watch the episodes! 

The local channels on live streaming are TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9, and with international channels of Al Jazeera, DW and NHK World Japan.

tonton has now garnered  more than 8.4 million registered users and continues to expand rapidly by receiving more numbers of unique visitors. 

tonton also offers xtra, an entertainment and lifestyle news portal that serves updated news on celebrities, fashion, living and technology.

What’s even more unique about xtra is that the stories are delivered in three different languages, Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese. 

Stay up to date and on the go with xtra, bringing you the best of updated news and sensational news from all over the country and abroad.  


Media Prima Group Managing Director said,

“As the biggest media group in Malaysia, our greatest advantage is our ability to attract a large number of audience through smart phones and mobile devices users. This is the first time that a local media company has managed to outgrow other major global media companies and this shows that our digital strategies are working”

“This also gives an opportunity for Media Prima to attract advertisers who wish to reach out to audience at a larger scale digitally via mobile devices. Next, the data obtain also portrays how the usage of mobile devices has become a part of our daily lives, and the group will continue to invest in expanding the digital content segment growth”

We wish for Media Prima to shine brightly and to always be the most preferred mobile content by everyone! 

Source: OhBulan!

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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