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Media Prima Digital and Ziff Davis Announce IGN Southeast Asia Partnership

Media Prima Digital, one of Southeast Asia’s leading digital media groups, announced a new partnership with global digital media company Ziff Davis, a division of J2 Global, to operate IGN Southeast Asia (sea.ign.com) catered to entertainment and gaming enthusiasts in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

IGN is the world’s leading media brand for games, movies, entertainment and fan culture. Reaching a global audience of 196 million users across web, video and social platforms, IGN is now available in 30 international editions, 26 languages and 115 countries.

IGN is one of the most internationally developed media brands in the world that is not only limited to entertainment. Its global profile (world.ign.com) represents a unique opportunity for advertisers, offering both scale and local relevance in every key market world-wide.

IGN Southeast Asia tailors the popular IGN formula for passionate local audiences with original content, creating a unique platform for brands to engage with consumers through advertising, sponsorship and events. IGN Southeast Asia will also help companies in the region reach customers in the rest of the world, through IGN’s global network.

The new partnership for IGN Southeast Asia follows a similar agreement in 2018 between Ziff Davis and Media Prima’s REV Asia Subsidiary for Mashable Southeast Asia (sea.mashable.com), as well as separate partnerships in the Asia region like IGN Japan and IGN China, and around the world including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Media Prima’s key digital assets include SAYS, OHBULAN!, Viralcham, BH Online, NST Online and My Metro, contributing to the group’s overall traffic of 14.2 million monthly unique visitors.

Media Prima also recently became the #1 choice in mobile content and through this new partnership, the group is hoping to further expand its reach regionally while also increasing the growth in its digital revenue.

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