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Monsta X Sets Malawati Stadium On Fire With Their We Are Here Tour

Monsta x delivers the show stealer performance for their We Are Here Tour on 22nd June. The famous boy band took the stage to perform their hit songs like ‘Shoot Out’, ‘Hero’, ‘Trespass’ and many more. The heart stealing performance has garnered the attention of  a total 5,000 MONBEBE’S. 

Six members of Monsta x Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney and I, M still still managed to deliver their best highly anticipated performance despite the absence of one of their members, Wonho. It was reported that Wonho’s absence is due to the unforeseen circumstances.

The boy band gives their heartful perfomance with their hit songs like ‘Party Time’ complete with a bar ensemble, ‘Play It Cool’ which was produced by Steve Aoki, ‘Mohae’ and ‘Jealousy’ which turns the whole stadium into an explosion of excitement and heart pumping performance. 

A short clip of “MonTube” was included and featured the members favourite past time which turns the stadium into laughters. 

The famous boy band also graced their fans with their laid back tunes like ‘Honestly’, ‘I Do Love You’ which was personally composed by Wonho and ‘Sweetheart’ which sets their fans heart on fire.

The performance was dubbed as the best performance by MONBEBE’S despite the missing of Wonho. 

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