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MYTEEN Announces Sudden Disbandment

MYTEEN has suddenly declared their disbandment only after two years since their debut.


MYTEEN’s agency has released an official statement regarding the group’s disbandment.

Hello, this is The Music Works.

First of all, we express gratitude to the fans who cherish and love The Music Works Entertainment’s artist group MYTEEN.

With trust and respect [for each other], we have had thorough discussion with each member regarding his future direction.

As a result, the final decision was made for MYTEEN to officially conclude two years of activities on August 21, 2019 and go on each of their own paths.

We want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the MYTEEN members who trusted [the company] and went with us. We will discuss each member’s future direction and put in our full effort to support them.

We sincerely thank the fans who have given overwhelming love and support to MYTEEN until now, and we ask for continuous interest and unchanging love for the members.

We will also sincerely cheer on each member’s future.

Thank you.

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