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Netizens are Slamming Beby Maembong for Putting Waist Binder on a Man

Beby Dollz Salsation is a zumba session organised by Beby Maembong, the recent viral entrepreneur, as an initiative to invite her loyal customers to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The CEO of Slimdollz Trading Sdn Bhd has also given a fresh idea of using her waist binder to spice things up during the zumba session.

But her intention of proving how far her product can help in getting her customers to use the waist binder effectively has recently caught the eyes of the netizens, and the public are not liking what they are seeing!

Netizens have been commenting on her dressing and saying that it was not appropriate of her to wear such tight clothes. Her friend, Erul, was also affected because the man was wearing the Slimdollz waist binder as well. 

One of the DMs that the entrepreneur received was ‘Aiyokk sis! Why is Erul wearing the waist binder? He’s willing to do all this just to help a friend out! I hope he won’t be getting the female figure soon!’

Beby Maembong says in her instagram post caption: 

“(Over reacting Netizens) I was thinking of being all smiles the whole day because I got a lot of good feed backs for Beby Dollz Salasation. But tonight, I got a lot of hate DMs.

“What’s your  problem? Why are you guys looking for trouble? Although my heart is red but my heart isn’t black like your foot!

“If men wear waist binders, does it mean that he’s a pondan? Can you Malaysians not be so narrow minded?

“How are we going to be a free obesity and free diabetes if a good deed is still looks bad?

“To those men who criticises other men wearing the waist binder, do you guys look healthier yourself with that big belly?” 

Another DM that came through was, ‘Lahai sis, what’s the motive of wearing the waist binder during the zumba? Doesn’t it hurt your stomach? With that nude skin tight legging of yours! I hope it doesn’t bring bad imaginations! Aren’t you ashamed sis?’

Well we all have seen different kinds of exercises that use many kinds of accessories right? So why not the SkinDollz bengkung

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