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Nur Sajat Has Her Own Show!

Who hasn’t heard of the name Sajat, a viral social media celebrity and a familiar and certainly an up-and-coming name in the booming local entrepreneurship scene.

With more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account, Sajat, cashing in on her girl-next-door look has managed to create plenty of controversies at times dividing the nation.

However, her instant and rapid ascent to fame has not stopped her working hard to becoming the successful individual that she is.

Sajat turut menjadi perhatian di AJL32 pada Ahad.

Coupled with her strong will and diligence, Sajat has managed to become a league of her own in the local beauty industry followed by the recent opening of a gold store as well as a building of her own name; Wisma Sajat.

Deciding to expand her empire and her outreach, Sajat came up with her first-ever web show as part of her collaboration with the first and biggest online streaming platform in Malaysia – tonton.

tonton intends to uncover the 28-year old’s life behind closed doors, showcasing different facets of this young female entrepreneur’s life through a v-log styled tonton original series titled, ‘Nur Sajat Rated Xtra’, exclusively streamed only on www.tonton.com.my.



Nur Sajat Rated Xtra

TX Date/ Time


28th February 2018 / Wednesday, 12pm



Exclusive streaming only on tonton



7 – 11minutes




Produced by





Asman Mansor



Nur Sajat

Nur Sajat Rated Xtra offers insights into the private life of Nur Sajat overcoming the many challenges of being a young businesswoman as well as sharing her secret recipes for success that are indeed beneficial for tonton’s viewers.

Remember to watch the unscripted reality show to be streamed exclusively on tonton! All details shown have been made with the approval of Sajat 100%.

Taking inspiration from Blake Lively;

“If I’m not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then, I’d rather be myself.”

Additionally, tonton’s viewers will be able to get exclusive scoops of the elaborate preparation of Nur Sajat’s birthday celebration on the last 23rd February 2018 on the 1st episode of the reality show apart from learning about her active lifestyle in managing her business empire alongside her trusted family and friends.

Dive into various moments of her humbled beginnings to get to where she is now, exclusively only for tonton VIP subscribers.

On top of that, Nur Sajat also will be sharing her beauty and fashion tips through a weekly blog-styled writing which can be accessed via www.xtra.com.my in parallel to the streaming of all episodes of ‘Nur Sajat Rated Xtra’ exclusively on tonton.

Follow the two first full episodes for FREE starting 28th February, alongside a 30-seconds short clip on a weekly basis on xtra all the way till May 2018!


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