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Openly Gay Korean Idol Says He’s Not Afraid in Latest Song

When HOLLAND debuted in January this year, he decided to also come out and announce his sexuality. He’s gay.

It was a bold move seeing as South Korea is still a very traditional and homophobic country than many other nations. Even though the younger generation are more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, the older generation aren’t as open.

However, this is probably why HOLLAND stands out so well in the music scene. Not that he’s leveraging on this uniqueness to gain money and fame but it’s refreshing to see someone who’s more genuine in the Korean entertainment industry. *cough cough*

Plus, with his actual talent in music, you can’t exactly say he’s just searching for 15 minutes of fame.

HOLLAND is here to stay.

Now, with summer vibes spreading throughout the southern peninsula, HOLLAND will be releasing a twin single for the season.

Just recently, on July 5th, he uploaded two teasers onto YouTube for his upcoming song called I’m Not Afraid. One is a short version and the other is a long version.

The shorter clip merely shows HOLLAND getting up from bed but the longer clip had many different people in it. And we can sorta tell that some of these people might be part of the LGBTQ+ group.

The best part is…there’s another kiss scene!

Check out the videos here:

Looks cool, huh! The full music video will be released tomorrow, July 6th, so stay tuned to HOLLAND’s channel and xtra for more updates.

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