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Our Beloved Tun Mahatir Shares His Secret to a Long and Healthy Life

Tun Dr Mahatir Mohamad’s age has been a hot topic ever since he was chosen to be the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Indeed, returning to the seat of great power and responsibility at the age of 92 has been a concern throughout the whole world.

However, it is obvious that even at his age, Tun M is much more clear-headed than many leaders we have seen throughout the whole world.

At a dialogue with foreign correspondents, hosted by Japan’s National Press Club, the Malaysian premier was praised for being an encouraging icon for the ageing society, and asked if his experience was a factor for the GE14 victory, NST wrote.

Source: TIME

Tun M’s reply was absolutely stunning.

He said,

“Well, there are two types of ageing, One is chronological, according to the year you have reached and the other is more biological.

“Sometimes people age faster, sometimes people age much more slowly. I suppose I age a little bit slower than most people.

“It seems I am able to behave normally. I’m not senile. I can still hear questions and answer questions. And people wanted me to lead the country again. I have to accede to the wishes of the people.

“I would advise people not to rest when they grow old because if you rest, you will soon become very weak and incapable, and may become senile. Be active after you reach retirement age.”

Source: Malaysia Stylo

Obviously, he isn’t saying such things lightly. He is, after all, a medical doctor by training and would know the human’s body better than most of us.

“It is the same as your muscles. If you don’t use your muscles and lie down all the time, the muscles cannot even carry your weight. You cannot stand. You cannot walk.

“The brain is the same. If you don’t use your brain, you don’t think, you don’t solve problems, you don’t read, you don’t write, the brain regresses and you become senile.

“So always be active.”

Source: RoketKini

Such a great advice from a man with true experience.

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