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Over 2,300 Runners Thronged the National Geographic Earth Day Run 2019 Finish Line

Organised by National Geographic in partnership with Gamuda Land, National Geographic Earth Day Run 2019—Malaysia’s most anticipated eco-friendly run, was held on 28 April 2019 at Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning for the second year running.

This year’s run was in the theme of Planet or Plastic? –a multi year initiative from National Geographic, aimed at raising awareness of plastic pollution and reducing the amount of single-use plastic that enters into the world’s oceans.

The run was also supported by the Ministry of Science Technology & Innovation, Environment and Climate Change with the presence of the Ministry’s Deputy Secretary General, Dr. K Nagulendran, who officiated the first flag off for the 15 km category.

In celebration of the new GParks Rangers programme introduced by Gamuda Parks, this year’s run welcomed a new category exclusively for children aged between 6 to 13 years old, upping the effort to promote environmental awareness.

GParks Rangers are young ambassadors of Gamuda Parks, a special initiative set up to establish a benchmark to promote sustainability in how Gamuda Land develop its townships.

The new addition in the run provided a fun platform to educate the younger audience on the implications of single-use plastic pollution to the environment.

Known for its initiative and commitment to creating sustainable townships, Gamuda Land returned as the official partner and venue sponsor for the second year to reinforce their support for National Geographic’s plastic-free initiative.

Aw Sei Cheh, Project Director of Gamuda Land, said,

“As National Geographic’s ongoing commendable effort is in line with Gamuda Land’s brand values, we are truly happy to lend our support as we believe that through this strategic partnership, we will be able to educate our communities on living sustainably more effectively.”

The first flag-off for the 15 km category kicked-started this year’s Earth Day Run at 6.30am while the 5 km and 2 km kids category started at 7.20am.

Participants who triumphed in the run received attractive prizes, courtesy of Gamuda Land, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and Fitness First.

Amplifying the excitement at this year’s run, attendees were treated to exciting activities at the Race Village where they were able to get first-hand knowledge on composting and seed planting through interactive workshops, while enjoying exclusive breakfast & ice cream giveaway and exciting games.

Runners were encouraged to bring their own reusable drink bottles and were able to refill with reusable water tanks provided at the designated water stations.

Reflecting the success of the Planet or Plastic? pledge, this year’s run saw runners and eco-warriors alike pledging their support on both online and on-ground at the National Geographic booth, to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

Citizens and residents of Malaysia all over are invited to take the Planet or Plastic? pledge, and play their part in preventing 1 billion items from reaching the ocean by 2020.

The Earth Day Run in Malaysia is made possible thanks to local partnerships.

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