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Pantene Encourages Women to Keep Active in Sports through #WANITABESI

Did you know that in 2018 Malaysia only had a total of 1,844 female athletes as compared to 2,483 male athletes who participated in sports (National Sports Council of Malaysia)?
In supporting women to be active and sports friendly, Pantene proudly presents Braids of Strength as the third phase of the latest instalment of the #WANITABESI campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. 
The campaign launch was attended by Ms Anggia Pulungan, Haircare Commercial Director of P&G Malaysia, Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, campaign ambassador for Pantene’s Braids of Strength campaign and Gibson Loong, Founder and Hairstylist of Shawn Cutler Bangsar.
The campaign aims to champion inner strength and confidence in women to achieve their goals. It also aims to give voice to women in embracing their passion and inspiring women to stay in sports accompanied by perfect hair braid, which helps them to feel confident and comfortable while playing sports. 
Pantene embarked on this campaign to better understand the relationship between women and sports in making sure women are always active and healthy to fit any role. 
Keeping an active lifestyle is vital to the success of the next generation of Malaysian women and based on the data from the NSC, Pantene decided to dive further into the issue.
Here are the results of the poll: 
● 52% of respondents believe that sports make women less feminine. This indicates that personal image is a huge barrier for women staying in sports.
● However, 80% of respondents believe that girls who play sports grow up to be stronger and more confident women.
● Over 86% of respondents felt that women deserve an equal chance to become a professional athlete.
● In fact, 83% of respondents believe that women can be the ones to bring home Malaysia’s first gold medal at the Olympics.
Through the research, Pantene also discovered that women often feel like they could not continue to participate in sports because they feel uncomfortable with how they look after each strenuous activity.
Their hair will be messy and sweaty; making them feel very conscious of how others will perceive them. Pantene aims for every woman to be strong and beautiful; and to look good with the perfect hair as they play sports. It is as true about hair as it is in life: strong hair can handle anything.
Anggia Pulungan, Haircare Commercial Director of P&G Malaysia said,
“At Pantene, we are rooted in the belief that strong is beautiful. For a woman, her hair is both a personal and a public matter; it is a big part of her confidence.
“Through Braids of Strength, Pantene wants to encourage more women to embrace the #WANITABESI spirit, pursue any sport of their choice to boost their inner strength and eliminate their worry of self-image.
“By showcasing the perfect way to braid their hair, women get the confidence boost they need to look good. Using the right shampoo and conditioner will also help to solve the problem of bad odour, frizz and hair fall based on scientific data.”


In spirit of making women be more involved in sports and having a healthy lifestyle with shiny sleek hair, let’s all join in and take up sports together! 
Written by Fatin Zafirah

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