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Park Hae Jin Absent from Filming of Four Sons for 20 Days!

Actor Park Hae Jin is well known for many roles in big-named productions such as Cheese in the Trap, My Love From the Star, and Doctor Stranger.

Earlier this year, he was cast as a lead actor for a drama called Four Sons where he plays a man with four different personalities.

According to Allkpop, the drama went through some difficulties earlier this year and had to find a new female lead as well as a new director.

Finally, with the new crew, filming continued on August 31st but it seems that Park Hae Jin could only commit until October 31st where the show should have been done filming.

Unfortunately, only 8 or 9 episodes were done filming by the end of October and Park Hae Jin has not showed up on set since.

Now, as of November 21st, it has been 20 days of the lead actor’s absence. Some people believe that he has gone overseas to act in other projects which he has taken on earlier.

There has yet to be any official statements from both Four Sons and Park Hae Jin’s side on the matter.


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