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Park Seo Joon Reveals Why He’s Nervous Working with Female Actress

Park Seo Joon has starred in multiple award winning dramas over the past few years. But who would have known that acting opposite of female leads made him uncomfortable all these while.

Even though the chemistry he was showing on screen with the female lead was mesmerising, he was always afraid that misunderstandings could happen.

Koreaboo reported that he explained why that is so in an interview.

He said,

“It’s inevitable for me to be more comfortable acting with male costars rather than female costars.

“Whenever I approach them, I can’t help but worry about how others will see it.

“Even if I approach them with an innocent intention, there are times where people will think I’m interested in them.”

Which is why in his latest movie, Midnight Runners, Seo Joon felt very comfortable working alongside Kang Ha Neul.

The action comedy film tells the story of two men who witnessed a kidnapping but because the police are busy tracking down the kidnapping of another child, the duo decided to become amateur investigators.

Ha Neul has acted in multiple dramas, movies and even musicals over the past years. Perhaps both of the guys have got a lot of experience in acting plus great chemistry that made Seo Joon felt great with working with him.

“In that sense, I had the same humour codes as Kang Ha Neul, and we were both males so it was comfortable for me.”

The movie was released on August 9, 2017 and became one of the top movies of the year.


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