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Pirates are Taking Charge of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun!

They sail the Seven Seas through the calm and raging waters looking for a place to set foot on, and somewhere beyond the horizon to call their own paradise.

After months of sailing, they steer towards the ‘X’ spot marked on the map to their destination. Lo and behold, one crew member lauds ‘Land, ho!’ as they spot land.

The Pirates Adventure Holidays campaign is docking up on the shores of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) this school holidays from 23 rd to 31 st March 2019!

Uncover the hidden treasures that the pirates have buried in various locations of LWOT by completing three games and be rewarded with a mystery treasure at the Pirates Station Games.

If the little ones have always dreamt of being a pirate or a mermaid, they can now make their dream come true and Join The Lost Pirates at Palm Island.

Fit in with The Lost Pirates crew by trying a hand (or hook!) at making ‘ye’ very own DIY A Scallywag’s Hat at Lupe’s Stage and learn a few new pirate phrases such as Ahoy, Captain! while making the hats.

The pirate adventures continue at Lupe’s Stage as the Amazing Pirates Challenge will put guests to the test in an exciting and thrilling game of Cannon Ball Maze with frenemies.

Familiar with the phrase: “Pictures or it didn’t happen”? Then take a Selfie with The Lost Pirates with the roaming pirates and crew all around the park to show off to family and friends.

For an even ‘arr’-mazing time, The Lost Pirates will get guests grooving to the music in Pirates Ahoy! at Explora Bay.

Well, what is a pirate life without some fun?

The Awesome Pool Party ft. The Lost Pirates at Jungle Wave Bay will get the crew flaunting their pirate moves while the Pirates Splash Party at Malayana Village will get guests in a ‘splash’-tacular mood for a water gun fight.

For those seeking a different kind of adventure, get the Pirate Revenge Trail package for 2 adults and 2 children which includes LWOT and Gua Anak Datok’s entrance tickets.

Glamping guests are in for a special treat when they pre-book their Gua Anak Datok excursion online for an additional RM100 for 2 adults and 2 children when they purchase their Glamping stay.

A special birthday party package for minimum 10 pax is also available for those who are celebrating.

The package includes LWOT entrance tickets, party packs, hi-tea, 1kg birthday cake, party decoration and a choice for a group photo (inclusive of frame) or a 60-minute head and shoulder massage for the birthday boy or girl.

Kick-start the pirate adventures with a sweet Cadbury 5 Star door gift with every purchase of LWOT adult ticket (walk-in/online purchase) during the campaign period.

Guests are also in luck to unlock the treasure chest of rewards of up to 10,000 Sunway Pharmacy vouchers that are up for grabs when they participate in the school holiday campaign’s activities.

Visitors are invited to keep an ‘aye’ out for a pirate surprise on 28th March at LWOT!

For more information, call +605 542 8888, visit or connect to Lost World of Tambun’s Facebook page.

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